Grupo Grandes the economic development of the canton Sigchos

“When do you fulfil your goal You you will realise that it was a step towards the goal because the limit is infinity”. Luis Eduardo Grandes, executive president de Grandes Román Group S.A.

December,29, 2018.- Representatives of Nindalgo, Grandes Foods, Bank of the Pichincha, savings and cooperative credit San Miguel de Sigchos incentive in the economic development of the canton Sigchos located in the province of Cotopaxi and every Ecuador.

¿How? Trhough a comprehensive strategy of productive financing and technical advise to grow the Andean superfood Lupinus mutabilis sweet, better known as: Chocho, altramuz, lupino, o, tawri (in quechua), a legume originating in the central Andes that provides complete and 100% natural nutrition originary

They open up the opportunity for samll and medium-sized farmers in the Sigchos canton to increase their economic development and in this way improve your quality of life to become together with Grandes Foods, at the pioneers of large-scale Ecuadorian of exportation

The sowing of 1000 ha of chocho in this canton is encouraged to achieve the necessary production and export.

“My passion is my people”, Luis Grandes is holding executive president of the corporation Grandes Roman Group S.A. “If they grow up, i hope to be an important contribution to the development of my land”.

Farmers shall receive ongoing technical advice free of charge by the undertaking. Financial institutions, for their part, will provide facilities for accessing productive credit.

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